Attorney Profile
Step-parent Adoption
Child Custody
Special Education Advocacy
Juvenile Defense

Mary M. Addison is an experienced family lawyer working in:

  • Adopotion
  • Child Custody
  • Special Education Advocacy
  • Juvenile Defense
  • Divorce
  • Guardianship
  • Conservatorships
  • Wills
  • Small Estates

Mary is experienced lawyer practicing since 1982.  She has earned a masters degree in Early Childhood Education.  In addition to her professional experience, Mary has ample personal experience in foster care as well as foreign and domestic adoptions.  She is adoptive mother since 1998. 

Mary is caring and efficient and is committed to understanding the needs of you and your family.  Her goal is to provide strong yet compassionate legal services to families from all backgrounds.

Addison Law is located in East Lansing and serves clients in the following counties: Ingham, Clinton, and Eaton

Contact Addison Family Law if you are looking for legal assistance or someone you know requires assistance. Mary makes every effort to remain accessible to clients and return their phone calls within 24 hours.  She is an attorney who will listen to you and offer a realistic assessment as to what you can expect down the road--and who will advocate strongly for you.